Design Picnic is a platform that provides inspirations and resources on human-centered design, curated by Mind Apivessa and Marisa Chentakul, in collaboration with Thai designers around the globe.



Jan 2019 - Present


Co-founder, producer, co-host (everything!)



With the rapid growth of startups and digital migration in the past 5 years in Thailand, the demand for UX designers has grown tremendously. However, the language barrier is a huge obstacle to accessing high-quality resources. Design Picnic aims to help bridge the gap.

I co-founded Design Picnic with Marisa Chentakul, produce, and co-host Design Picnic. We just wrapped up our first project, a podcast series that features 8 designers from around the globe. From reaching out to guests and coming up with episode themes and guiding questions to editing and marketing the podcasts, we coordinated with each other remotely with different guests from around the world.


We are on Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Anchor. We started publishing the teaser on May 3. Since then, we have over 4K plays.

We have a few more projects in store for the rest of the year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

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Marisa Chentakul, my co-host.

Marisa Chentakul, my co-host.

Podcast art

Podcast art





I’m currently a Product Design Intern at Facebook, helping 80 million business owners better leverage Facebook business tools. I’m also building Alcove, a space for people to reconnect with their values and unlock their potential. Previously, I’ve helped build products and learning experiences for IBM, Thai Airways, and Enpeo Consulting.

As an advocate for collaborative learning, I’ve contributed to building a learning culture within teams I’ve worked with. I also co-founded Design Picnic, where I collaborate with Thai designers around the world to create a resource hub for human-centered design for the Thai community.

When I’m not nerding on design and education, I can be found supporting projects by my creative friends and dancing to 80s asian pop music.