IBM AgileTA improves efficiency and transparency among hiring team members and reduces the time-to-hire by 50%.



Redesign the entire visual patterns for Plan, a feature on IBM AgileTA platform


Jun - Aug 2018 (8 weeks)


User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design


Responsive Web App



AgileTA is a framework, introduced by IBM, that combines Agile practices with Talent Acquisition (a.k.a. recruiting) to improve the efficiency of hiring teams and the candidate experience. AgileTA platform is a management and analytical tool that allows recruiting scrums team to centralize their AgileTA operations into a single platform.

My project this summer was re-scoping my project to redesign the visual patterns of a feature on the platform. I took the project from user research to high-fidelity development and delivery.


I redesigned the entire visual patterns for a feature on AgileTA Platform that:

  • was added to the product’s design kit

  • will be shipped in early 2019

  • is expected to contribute to a 50% reduction in hiring time for niche roles


The project is currently under NDA. Please reach me directly at if you would like to learn more!



Beyond Pixels

I always look for opportunities to cultivate a learning culture among people I work with. In addition to the project I worked on, I hosted the team’s first ever lunch and learn. Each designer prepared 15-20 minutes session on a topic they would like to share with the team. I chose to present a topic on “MoveFast, Break Things, with Stable Infrastructure”, inspired by a Masters of Scale podcast episode on how Facebook built their fast-paced innovative culture. I particularly chose this topic because there were aspects about building a stable infrastructure that I thought could help improve the team’s workflows as a new and fast-paced team with tight deadlines. 


"Mind is a proven leader through her demonstration of motivating team members to upskill each other.” 

— Beth Chappell, Product Design Lead


I did not only introduce the topic, but help the team make it a reality. I took the initiative to conduct additional user research and deliver a fleshed out personas and a sitemap of the entire AgileTA platform, tightening the feedback loop between end users and the delivery teams. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 9.44.45 AM.png


I’m currently a Product Design Intern at Facebook, helping 80 million business owners better leverage Facebook business tools. I’m also building Alcove, a space for people to reconnect with their values and unlock their potential. Previously, I’ve helped build products and learning experiences for IBM, Thai Airways, and Enpeo Consulting.

As an advocate for collaborative learning, I’ve contributed to building a learning culture within teams I’ve worked with. I also co-founded Design Picnic, where I collaborate with Thai designers around the world to create a resource hub for human-centered design for the Thai community.

When I’m not nerding on design and education, I can be found supporting projects by my creative friends and dancing to 80s asian pop music.