IBM Watson Career Coach helps IBM employees take the right next steps in their careers.



I strategized the conversation design and introduced Design Thinking into the team’s workflow.


July 2018 - Aug 2018 / 5 weeks

Role/ Skills

Product Design Intern / Conversational Design, Product Thinking





Our world keeps transforming, human needs keep changing, so does the demand for skills in businesses. The inability to keep up with the changes lead to skill gaps, which hurts employees’ career-growth and well-being as well as businesses’ costs and competitiveness. But staying on top of all the moving parts is difficult. What is the current market situation? Where do my skills lie in the industry? What are the trends in the next few years? Navigating through all of these information while performing well in the current role can be overwhelming. 

Through personalized recommendations and interactions, IBM Watson Career Coach, also known as Myca internally, aims to solve just that. Myca is already in the external market, however, there was a lack of adoption. I worked with Erin McIntosh, a Senior Global HR intern, and a team of business analysts and HR consultants to come up with solutions to address the issue.

We were honored for the opportunity to present our recommendations to the HR Management Board at IBM CHQ. I cannot share the details on here, please contact me at directly if you want to learn more!


  • Delivered a scalable conversation design strategy and product recommendations.

  • Expected to increase the internal adoption of the tool. Presented to the HR Management Board.

  • Introduced and applied Design Thinking into the team’s workflow.


“Mind and Erin created tangible adoption improvements that will be of real value to IBM.  Their professionalism means that we have some concrete improvements that will benefit Myca users.”  

— Brian Phipps, Career Lead, Career and Skills

“What really stood out to me about them was their eye for detail and design. Their subtle changes make a big impact” 

— Lisa Manning, Career and Skills Consultant 



The project is currently under NDA. Please reach me directly at if you would like to learn more!



I’m currently a Product Design Intern at Facebook, helping 80 million business owners better leverage Facebook business tools. I’m also building Alcove, a space for people to reconnect with their values and unlock their potential. Previously, I’ve helped build products and learning experiences for IBM, Thai Airways, and Enpeo Consulting.

As an advocate for collaborative learning, I’ve contributed to building a learning culture within teams I’ve worked with. I also co-founded Design Picnic, where I collaborate with Thai designers around the world to create a resource hub for human-centered design for the Thai community.

When I’m not nerding on design and education, I can be found supporting projects by my creative friends and dancing to 80s asian pop music.