Self-made Master’s is a journal of my process in experimenting with ways to rethink education in the 21st century, while designing my own Master’s education.



July 2019 - present


Founder (independent project)



Having gone through three types of "traditional education systems" — the traditional Thai, the UK system in an international school in Thailand, and the American college system — I've always been interested in how different education systems shape how different people, including myself, perceive the world around us. On the surface, based on the common development indices like GDP, literacy rate, and HDI, the majority of people would agree that the American or the UK education system is better than the one in Thailand. I do too. I personally think the American system is the best one from my experiences because of the amount of flexibility that grants freedom that the system offers suits the way I grow intellectually. I used to resent the Thai traditional system that focuses so much on memorization and how it doesn't help students think critically. In addition, students are forced to pick a major with no ability to switch later when more than 60% of the them have no idea what they want to pursue before entering college. However, after doing some digging, I began to uncover problems in the American education system like the lack of funding in public schools, academic dishonesty, and academic inequity. Like any other social issues, different systems different countries have their own flaws.

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Drawn by the complexity and the impact of education, I decided to embark on this journey I called "Self-made Master's," where I will be exploring ways to reimagine education in the 21st century. I have not yet decided which country's system I will be focusing on nor whether I need to pick one. The scope will be determined later in the process. In each post, I will be analyzing the current systems or products, experimenting with new frameworks, and sourcing for perspectives in a form of open-ended questions or direct asks.

The most valuable aspect of sharing is gaining diverse and unique perspectives, which is essential throughout the process to understand such complex system. If this journey sounds like something you'd be interested in hopping onto, subscribe to get the updates similar to something like this in your mailbox or follow along on Medium.



I’m currently a Product Design Intern at Facebook, helping 80 million business owners better leverage Facebook business tools. I’m also building Alcove, a space for people to reconnect with their values and unlock their potential. Previously, I’ve helped build products and learning experiences for IBM, Thai Airways, and Enpeo Consulting.

As an advocate for collaborative learning, I’ve contributed to building a learning culture within teams I’ve worked with. I also co-founded Design Picnic, where I collaborate with Thai designers around the world to create a resource hub for human-centered design for the Thai community.

When I’m not nerding on design and education, I can be found supporting projects by my creative friends and dancing to 80s asian pop music.